skills council of Canada

The Skills Council of Canada is a company located in Ottawa Canada Capital City. As part of betterU's group of companies, SCC is focused on skills development programs across North America. Working with several Canadian business leaders, SSC is focused on supporting national skills development, work integrated learning (WIL) opportunities and a connecting a network of educators, employers and communities together to create job ready individuals across Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities across Canada


The Skills Council of Canada works to build and support a network that provides Indigenous training centers across the country with their own customized and localized Skills Management System. This network will enable training centers with the opportunity to provide their communities with skill development programs that support the future growth of their people.

Skills Ecosystem

The Skills Council of Canada's platform, powered by betterU, leverages a skills ecosystem that was developed to support emerging populations around the world. The Skills Management System includes 1,000+ courses, 1,800+ job role and subject based assessments, and an interactive learning experience. The platform includes a management system, both desktop and mobile delivery options, is fully customizable, and offers multilingual translation options.


The Skills Council of Canada includes a group of leaders who believe that the only way to support national skills development is through collaboration. The SSC brings leaders together to connect, collaborate and support each other's needs while promoting each other's strengths. There are no competitors when it comes to true partnerships for the greater good.


The Skills Council of Canada's Committee is being established to include a group of national leaders who are passionate about education and supporting diversity, equality and inclusion for all.

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