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Come True

“We are working to provide equal opportunities for Indigenous people to participate in the Canadian economy while maintaining their culture and family structures.”

The WAGE Resource Library

At Workforce Warriors, we’re dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace environment. We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming library of resources, carefully curated in collaboration with Indigenous communities and organizations that serve as Indigenous allies. These allies have already developed insightful materials, ensuring our library is rich in diverse perspectives and wisdom.

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Our Approach

Honouring Indigenous Wisdom

In our quest to create impactful workplace guidelines, we recognized that the term “policy” doesn’t fully capture the essence of Indigenous culture. Indigenous peoples embrace a rich tradition of storytelling, where narratives are woven with values, histories, and teachings. It became evident that a rigid “policy” framework wasn’t compatible with this holistic approach.

The Ojibway 7 Teachings

Guiding Principles

Our resource library is deeply rooted in the Ojibway 7 Teachings: Truth, Wisdom, Respect, Honesty, Bravery, Humility, and Love. These teachings embody the essence of a Good Life and serve as guiding principles for respectful and inclusive workplaces. Each resource in our library emanates from these teachings, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Join Us in Embracing Indigenous Wisdom

We invite you to explore our library of resources, where tradition merges seamlessly with innovation. These resources are not just policies; they are narratives of respect, understanding, and collaboration. Together, let’s build workplaces grounded in Indigenous wisdom and allyship.

Miigwetch – Thank You