the Turtle


The turtle teaches us an important lesson about truth. It symbolizes honesty and integrity, embodying the strength found in being truthful. This lesson encourages us to communicate openly, uphold integrity, and create a workplace where truth is valued. Bringing this lesson into our workplace means fostering an environment where honesty prevails, and everyone feels secure in expressing their thoughts. Embracing the turtle’s wisdom helps build a workplace focused on truth, integrity, and transparent communication. This lesson also underscores the importance of upholding truth for building trust and maintaining a positive and ethical workplace culture.


Enter the Truth section of our Resource Library, symbolized by the Turtle, representing the stability and honesty inherent in seeking and speaking the truth.

Policies & Guidelines

Navigate through essential policies and guidelines for informed decision-making and proper compliance.

Programs & Reports

Explore impactful programs and reports to enhance your initiatives.

Turtle Sacred Teachings

Uncover the wisdom and truth within the teachings of the Turtle, guiding you toward an authentic workplace.

Funding Opportunities

Explore valuable funding opportunities for your projects. Unlock funding possibilities and support your goals.

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