What we do

Workforce Warriors

what we do

ReconciliACTION is Reconciliation in action

We move to the beat of the drum to...

Support Skill-to-Work

  • Innovative skills training
  • Tied to careers/long-term employment
  • Coupled with leadership development 
  • Lifelong career support  and engagement

Support Leadership Program

  • Enhance skill sets
  • Empowers, with confidence and ability
  • Lead initiatives and become educated to advance within a chosen occupation.
  • Holistic approach, bringing together SMEs to build capacity 
  • Expanding the zone of influence


Workforce Warriors endeavors to fulfill the needs of Canadian industry and society at large, by providing sustainable solutions through innovative Indigenous projects. In fact, at Workforce Warriors, we believe such Indigenous solutions – connecting Indigenous faces to valued and sustainable solutions – will help bridge the gap between Indigenous and mainstream mindsets, allowing Canadians to better understand the ongoing and valued contribution of our nations Indigenous Peoples:

Ultimately, to achieve every one of our objectives, Workforce Warriors intends to find that innovative niche/ opportunity/ project to expand the zone of influence around our nations Indigenous Peoples…that is why at the heart of everything we do, is a strategic network of visionary Indigenous experts, who are building Indigenous capacity, establishing Indigenous leaders and experts, while bringing innovative sustainable solutions to Canadians..

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