VR How it works

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We are a full body development shop that operates in the virtual world. Literally!
Our VR photo shoots are done within an immersive environment.

Virtual Photo Shoots

We work within a virtual gaming environment to capture realistic immersive scenes for VR. We do this by setting up photo shoots like you would see on a movie set. Once the scenes are ready, we capture a series of panoramic scenes that are stitch together in our authoring tool. Below are a few example virtual environments. Do you need scenes created?

Built by Gamers

UpSkillsVR uses gamers to build our learning environment. This is required since we develop scenes directly in virtual world and if anyone is as dedicated to gaming and willing to put in the long hours, it is hard core gamers! Looking for custom development work? 

Asset library

As part of our services, we are developing a large library of  assets, scenes, course structures all within CenarioVR. Any clients of CenarioVR will have access to our libraries at an annual fee.

Development Process

After a scene has been set-up in our virtual world, our team runs through their panoramic capture sequences developing a series of motionless scenes.  These images are then brought back to life in CenevioVR for further 3D authoring to create enhanced learning experiences. 

fall in love with our features

Fully loaded LMS

Gamification, certification, communication, scheduling, collaboration, quizzes, surveys and more!

Progress Tracking, Reporting

Track your progress across all your skills development programs. Pull from our many report templates or customize your own to meet your stakeholders needs.

Multilingual Interface

Users can select from over 100 language preferences so that their system interface is in the language of their choice.

Cloud-Based System

There is no need to download any software to access our programs. Our LMS is cloud based so that you can focus on learning, not technology management.

Amazingly Content

We have been developing a hosted content library in order to provide our users with a one-stop-shop. With over 3,700 courses, over 1,000 job role assessments and now a developing library of VR content, our users get the best of all worlds!

Custom Development

You also have the ability to develop all your own content with our system. It is flexible to provide you with what you need for any blended program.

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