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SUSAN O’QUINN, Wellness Leader

Susan O'Quinn has been innovating in counselling and social-emotional development, in a variety of clinical roles across Canada, for over 25 years. She has been providing online wellness counselling online since 2006, despite being told it couldn't be done.  She persevered and has been doing online counselling for 15 years- helping people resolve difficulties and reach their optimal potential.


Susan is a proud indigenous leader and subject matter expert in her field. Her expertise and guidance in the collective wellness of our Warriors is central to Workforce Warriors' holistic leadership program development.​ In her words “We can all use a little tune-up towards improved wellness… we are all suffering from some degree of pain or anguish, stress or worry, that is getting in the way of our progress… we can open up opportunities, but if we are not emotionally well enough to receive, and act upon, those opportunities, there is limited chance of our success if we are not well enough or feel strong enough to succeed…”