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Chief Roger Augustine is Mi'kmaq from the Province of New Brunswick, and is currently the Regional Chief for NB/PEI, Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

In 1981, Chief Augustine was one of several dozen representatives (from across Canada) that signed the historic 1981 Declaration of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.

TOM MANN, Advisor - Board of Directors

Tom Mann is a trusted advisor for Workforce Warriors in government and community relations. As a former labour lawyer and Executive Director of the New Brunswick Union, and former Deputy Minister, Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Tom provides guidance and expertise in labour relations and fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment for our Warriors.  

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SUSAN O’QUINN, Wellness Leader

Susan O'Quinn has been innovating in counselling and social-emotional development, in a variety of clinical roles across Canada, for over 25 years. She has been providing online wellness counselling online since 2006, despite being told it couldn't be done.  She persevered and has been doing online counselling for 15 years- helping people resolve difficulties and reach their optimal potential.

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Karen Gillam (MSc), founder of Workforce Warriors, has decades of experience in research and development, especially innovating transformative advances in Indigenous capacity development. First in Science and Engineering where she developed and led successful capacity building programs tied to employment and participation in environmental permitting, and in recent years, dedicating her career to building Indigenous capacity...