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We are pleased to announce our new project, Leadership Development For Indigenous Communities


Leadership development for Indigenous communities project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre, and with our partners – including, for instance, Indigenous communities, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario, Batitech Building Solutions, labour unions, and MCW Maricore -Workforce Warriors endeavors to build relationships & partnerships that are key to Indigenous people building vibrant communities & enterprises. 


Workforce Warriors will empower through a National Indigenous Leadership program designed specifically for all
age groups, with linkages to industry & career development through skill-to-work projects. 


Workforce Warriors will research and develop an innovative leadership model that will build future Indigenous leaders, connect them together nationally, and expand their zone of influence, so we are all more effective at bringing about positive change. Our leadership model will also provide mentorship to elders/experienced members of the community to enable them to take on a greater leadership role while preserving culture & language.

How can we help build your leadership?

It’s up to you/your community...

  • Customized plans, activities, based on your interests and needs…

  • Development of goals, project plans and proposals…help you define a path… 

  • We develop a leadership plan around you

Workforce Warriors can help in many ways including...

  • Provide access to resources (emergency childcare; tool/equipment/travel allowance; paid leadership work/special projects)

  • Building wellness and confidence

  • Workplace readiness and skills development

  • Skill-to-work (training tied to employment) and leadership training

  • Connections to SMEs, and other leaders, from across the country to further personal/community/organizational goals

Who can benefit from this Leadership Program?

  • A youth wanting to be the change

  • A seasoned professional wanting to share their knowledge and expertise with others

  • A community leader wanting to build capacity with their people

  • A business owner wanting to hire one of our Warriors

  • An Indigenous person of any age wanting to build their leadership skills

  • An Indigenous community or organization wanting to build capacity within their community or organization

  • An employer wanting to build Indigenous leadership, diversity and inclusion in their organization

  • An Indigenous leader in their field and want to inspire others

  • A student considering their leadership journey and career search

  • All Indigenous people seeking enjoyment and happiness 


Get involved today!


Do you have questions? Or want more information? 

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