Indigenous training

Supporting Indigenous

Peoples for all industries

“Indigenous Inclusion does not stop at one industry nor one training group. We are an organization focused on all industries and creating national opportunities in partnership with Indigneous training centres across the country.”

Indigenous Training Centers Across Canada

Scroll over the map and click on the province or territory to learn more about Indigenous training centers across Canada. 

National Training Centers

Workforce Warriors offers a variety of educational and wellness services based on the needs and priorities of First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban/non-affiliated Indigenous people. Our goal is to build a strong network of industry leaders and Indigneous education partners across Canada to seamlessly connect educators, to employers, to individuals.

Provincial/Territorial Training Centers

Workforce Warriors is working to support all local community training centers and empower them to independently manage and deliver skills and wellness programs to the people of their communities. We provide customized skill development solutions to each partner so they can in turn, offer unique and localized programs to their community.

Community Training Centers

Each Community has their own training center and thus provides their own training, that supports their unique culture, history as well as the opportunities and challenges. By working with Workforce Warriors we are able to support each individual community with their own unique platform and solutions. 

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