Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles

“Our personal beliefs and values help guide us throughout all circumstances with passion and love in our hearts for Indigenous Peoples."

We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity between all Indigenous Peoples. We respect and cherish each community for their unique histories, their relationships, cultures, practices, languages, and interests. We work to ensure that we are mindful and respectful of this diversity.

Each person within a community is rich in culture, values, strengths and gifts. Collectively the community has a core value, trust and respect for their people, the land and the connection with other communities. We strive to support and build on the strength of each individual that make up each community. 

The context of Indigenous Peoples’ health and wellness is complex with many stakeholders that requires working together to create positive change.

We help facilitate and support partnerships and collaborations between communities, educators, organizations, government and private sectors. We also understand that building capacity for individuals and communities is critical to successful advancements of Indigeous Peoples. 

Indigenous knowledge has made, and continues to make, valuable contributions to environmental, regulatory, and other processes across Canada. We are focused on inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and recognition of the unique perspectives and value the vairous Indigenous communities bring to key decision-making forums.

We make sure that the initiatives and we undertake are informed, validated and apporved by Indigenous Peoples living in the communities we serve. We seek input in a variety of ways, including through committee meetings, gatherings for review and evaluations of our programs and initiatives. Our efforts are done in partnership with Indigneous community leaders.

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