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As a Health and Wellness Partner to First Nations individuals,
families and communities in BC, the First Nations Health Authority
(FNHA) has created this Daily Organizer, to support community
members to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Workforce Warriors and Skills Council of Canada have joined together to develop this online Health and Wellness program leveraging the great work done by FNHA.  All content is credited to FNHA.

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Wellness Streams

The following four (4) Wellness Streams, FNHA suggests you use to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

A great way to set goals in these areas is to ask yourself what you would like to achieve this year in terms of your physical activity, healthy eating, nurturing spirit, and respectful tobacco use? 

Feel like you have no time to exercise? Remember, every minute of activity counts. Consider trying some of these tips:

  • Walk to work instead of drive
  • Keep a pair of walking shoes at work
  • Keep clothes you need for a workout in your car
  • Keep hand weights near your television or phone

Nutrition is the foundation in maintaining good health. Here are some nutrition tips for health and wellness:

  • Enjoy what you eat
  • Eat foods close to nature
  • Be prepared
  • Plan for healthy snacks
  • Choose a variety of foods
  • Have more family meals
  • Reduce refined sugars
  • Practice mindful eating

Nurturing spirit is the aspect in your life that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning. This builds your self-esteem, self-confidence and allows you to be connected to others and the land. Nurturing your spirit supports the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being.

No matter how long you have been smoking or chewing commercial
tobacco, your health will start to improve when you quit. Please visit www.fnha.ca/respectingtobacco to learn all about our quitting resources and tobacco-related initiatives.

Holistic Wellness

This image has been derived from a holistic perspective of health, and its concepts are based on the knowledge passed along by FNHA’s Elders and traditional healers. Although the model appears in layers, it is important to acknowledge that each circle and its components are all interconnected and need to be in balance.

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Daily Organizer Downloadable Resources

Self Assessment

Use the questions to fill in your wellness wheel. Examples are provided, but this is your journey, feel free to interpret each quadrant as you see fit.

Plan your Journey

What is your present level of commitment to addressing any changes needed that relate to your lifestyle?

Track your Goals

What goals would you like to achieve in terms of your personal health and wellness? A great way to set goals is to begin by writing them down.

Use your Journal

Having a Day Journal is a great way to help you plan and monitor your weekly activities, including your Wellness Journey’s goals.

About the Contributors

First Nations Health Authority

The FNHA works towards the health and wellness of all First Nations through its unique approach to wellness and support of community wellness activities. 

Skills Council of Canada

SCC works with not-for-profit and social impact organizations to help them access to the resources and tools needed to support their people's well-being, skills, and career growth.

Workforce Warriors

We are working to provide equal opportunities for indigenous people to participate in the Canadian economy while maintaining their culture and family structures.

Learn more about FNHA Holistic Wellness Model

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