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Have you been asked to take a spatial reasoning test and you’re not sure what to expect? Need to ace the test to get to the next assessment stage?

Our practice tests are created by the same psychologists who design tests for the likes of SHL, Kenexa, and Saville Assessment. So our test platform and example questions will give you a good feel for the spatial reasoning tests employers use. Read on and soon you’ll have a complete understanding of what spatial reasoning tests are and be confident taking that test.

Spatial reasoning tests, also known as spatial awareness/ability, are used to asess a candidate’s capacity to manipulate 2D and 3D objects, spot patterns between shapes, and to visualise movements and change in those shapes. This could include identifying which answer option is a rotation of a given 2D image. Spatial awareness is something we exhibit everyday as we interpret objects and shapes in our daily lives. These tests can be difficult to explain and often best understood through examples which we will cover later.

There are several different types of spatial reasoning questions that you will have to face within a test, so it’s important that you are comfortable with all the different types of questions.

These tests are more common for technical and engineering applicatants, and will only be included in your application process if the role requires a person with good spatial reasoning ability. So if you’ve been tasked with taking a spatial awareness test then it’s likely posessing these skills will be an important part of being successful in your chosen career.

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