Course Description:

Learning objectives: – Get to know the PowerPoint 2016 interface. – Learn all about working with your Microsoft account and OneDrive. – Learn all about creating and opening presentations. – Learn how to save presentations. – Learn the basics of working with slides. – Learn how to cut, copy, paste, and format text. – Learn how to apply a theme to your slides. – Learn how to apply transitions to your slides. – Learn the tools available to help organize and prepare your slide show. – Learn how to find and replace text. – Learn how to print your slides. – Learn how to present your slide show to an audience. – Learn how to add numbered and bulleted lists. – Learn how to use indents and line spacing. – Learn how to insert and modify images. – Learn how to format the images in your slides. – Learn how to add and modify shapes. – Learn how to align, group, and order objects. – Learn how to animate text and objects. – Learn how to add and edit videos within your slides. – Learn how to insert and edit audio in your slides. – Learn how to add and modify tables. – Learn how to add and modify charts. – Learn how to add and edit SmartArt graphics. – Learn how to use the spelling and grammar check features. – Learn how to review presentations before you present them to an audience. – Learn how to inspect and protect your presentation. – Learn all about modifying themes to mix and match colors and fonts. – Learn how to use Slide Master view to ensure a consistent look. – Learn how to add and edit hyperlinks. – Learn how to add and edit action buttons. – Learn how to rehearse and record your presentation. – Learn how to share your presentations online. – If you’re considering purchasing Office 2016, learn about some important changes you should know about. – Discover some of the new features in Office 2016. – Test your knowledge of PowerPoint by taking our quiz.

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