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Everybody has that one friend who’s terrible at making decisions about anything – what to eat for lunch, which movie to watch, what outfit to wear – the list is endless. It can be pretty infuriating, right? While these examples of indecisiveness might make you mad, they probably won’t have a huge effect on your day. But what about important decisions? In the workplace, decision-making skills are vital. Whether it’s choosing the correct person to hire, the best way to undertake a task or project, or how to resolve a conflict or situation, the outcomes of your decisions will affect the success of your business. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: • Understand why decision making is so important • Tackle uncertainty • Make better decisions Why take this course? Decision making is a crucial leadership skill, as being able to give your team a clear direction boosts trust and productivity. If you’re new to leadership or find decision making tough, this course will teach you how to stop avoiding uncertainty and make better decisions with confidence, so you can lead a team successfully and build better relationships. 10 mins | SCORM | Takeaway Tasks

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