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This Machine Learning tutorial will help you understand what is clustering, K-Means clustering, flowchart to understand K-Means clustering along with demo showing clustering of cars into brands, what is logistic regression, logistic regression curve, sigmoid function and a demo on how to classify a tumor as malignant or benign based on its features. Machine Learning algorithms can help computers play chess, perform surgeries, and get smarter and more personal. K-Means & logistic regression are two widely used Machine learning algorithms which we are going to discuss in this video. Logistic Regression is used to estimate discrete values (usually binary values like 0/1) from a set of independent variables. It helps to predict the probability of an event by fitting data to a logit function. It is also called logit regression. K-means clustering is an unsupervised learning algorithm. In this case, you don’t have labeled data unlike in supervised learning. Now, let us get started and understand K-Means clustering & logistic regression in detail. Course Length: 57:13 Source: Simplilearn

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