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“We all want to do well at work. When we perform well, contribute at a high level, and are seen as a valuable asset to the team, we enjoy work more and have more opportunities. And while our manager typically determines the work that must be accomplished and when, as individual employees we can also greatly impact our work and the level of contribution we achieve. The Increasing Your Contribution at Work courseware will show you how you can be a high performer and increase how you contribute to the team and organization. By staying productive at all times, creating accountability, and increasing your personal success, the courseware will help you take control of your own work situation and drive your personal success now and in the future. This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: 1. Increase Your Personal Success Identify one action that if done more will increase your personal success 2. Struggling to Meet Commitments Solve for the reasons you struggle to meet commitments 3. Increase Your Personal Engagement Outline the actions that will increase your personal engagement and performance 4. Increase the Quantity of Work Select specific actions you will take to increase the quantity of work produced 5. Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers Maintain personal productivity while waiting for answers to critical questions 6. When Are You Most Creative? Identify the time you are most creative and innovative 7. Organizing Information for Productivity Organize information to increase your effectiveness and productivity 8. Creating Accountability for Business Results Work with your boss to create accountabilities for how you are responsible to achieve business results”

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