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In this Video learn how to create dynamic series labels and avoid the default Excel Legend. Why? Because default legends are too much work. Not for you, because they are there by default so you don’t even have to click anything but they can be too much work for your readers. They need to think more than they should about which color or texture belongs to which category. Do them a favor and create dynamic legends whenever possible with perfect positioning so there is no work for them. Make it instantly crystal clear what series they are looking at. I’m not saying you should do this ALL the time, but you should do this whenever you think it will not only look better but make it easier to follow. Put yourself in your readers shoes. In this Excel Tutorial you will learn how to perfectly positon your line series labels in a dynamic manner so that even if you add more data to your Excel table, your dynamic labels move with. This is specially beneficial for controllers and financial analysts. Course Length: 6:20 minutes Source: Leila Gharani

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