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Effective time management skills allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself, driving your professional success as well as improving your sense of fulfillment. Therefore, it is worth investing your time, effort, and money into developing your time management skills. The first step in achieving this is creating a foundation of systems and habits that would allow you to make lasting progress. The process of building habits is gradual. For example, if you are trying to develop the habit of scheduling every day, don’t start out with a complicated scheduling system that has a steep learning curve. Instead, you can start by following the simple habit of scheduling 3-5 tasks in a calendar of your choice. Then, you can gradually improve this system by, for instance, color coding different types of activities. To help you improve your time management skills, we have created a series of four courses on time management for beginners. This course is the first in the series, and it will talk about the importance of building habits and routines and offer some tips on how you can get started. Learning objectives: – Understand the importance of building habits for improving your time management skills – Learn about the habit of conducting a daily mini-review – Learn about the habit of establishing your most important tasks (MITs) every day – Understand the importance of practicing the habit you’re trying to build every single day – Understand the importance of building routines for achieving your goals and completing your projects – Learn the technique of breaking your project down into manageable daily tasks – Learn techniques for improving your self-discipline so that you can successfully build habits – Learn about the 28-day challenge for habit-building

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