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Goal-setting is important for time management as it allows you to ensure that you’re spending your time in a purposeful manner, towards achieving the outcomes you want to achieve. Effective goal-setting involves defining the different targets that you want to meet and prioritizing them based on their urgency and importance. This helps you decide which activities to spend your time on and how much time to spend on different activities. For example, if your most important goal for the month is to improve your time management skills, you would want to prioritize taking courses on this topic and practicing the techniques you learned above all other activities. This course, second in a series of courses on time management for beginners, will offer insight into effective goal-setting. Learning objectives: – Learn the importance of working on at least one of your goals every single day – Learn how to set effective goals so that you increase your likelihood of achieving them – Learn about the technique of reframing goals as questions and understand why it helps you set better goals

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