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Learning Path Includes: – Excel VBA: Copy Data from one Sheet to Another (Absolute Vs. Relative Macro Recording) – Excel VBA tutorial for beginners: The Visual Basic Editor (VBE) – Excel VBA tutorial for beginners: Object Properties & Methods – Excel VBA: Referring to Ranges & Writing to Cells (Range, Cells, Offset, Names) – Copy & Paste in Excel VBA (copy, pastespecial, resize & offset) – Excel VBA basics: Data types, dim & set (Learn to use them correctly) – Excel VBA If then Statement (with elseif & Looping in cells) – Excel VBA: Loop through cells inside the used range (For Each Collection Loop) – How to use the Message Box in Excel VBA (syntax you’ll need for msgbox) – Excel VBA Arrays: Practical Example of a 2 dimensional array to create a New Workbook – Excel VBA find Function (& how to handle if value not found) – Excel ActiveX Combo Box to Select Worksheets with VBA – Link Page Header to Cell Value with Excel VBA – Excel VBA: Check If File or Folder Exists (DIR) – Open File or Create Folder – Reset Dependent Drop-down in Excel (with a tiny bit of VBA) – 3 Methods to Unhide All Sheets in Excel (& how to hide) – Free Excel Tool: Unhide Worksheet Utility (select sheets to unhide) – Excel List Box to Display & Print Multiple Sheets as ONE Print Job with VBA – How to SUM Cells by Color in Excel (Get it to update automatically) – VBA to browse & copy Data from selected File in Excel – Get all External Links with This simple Excel trick (as never seen before!) – How to create barcodes in Excel that work! Course Length: 3:52:59 hours

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