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Learning objectives: – Learn a faster way to use the fill handle in Excel. – Learn how to use the Format Painter in Excel. – Learn an Excel keyboard shortcut that makes the AutoSum function even faster. – Learn how to add shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel. – Learn a shortcut for making an exact copy of an existing worksheet. – Learn a shortcut for quickly jumping to any sheet within a workbook. – Learn these Excel shortcuts for selecting an entire row or column at one time. – Learn how to find a sum without using a formula. – Use the Center Across Selection feature to easily merge cells in Excel. – Learn how to browse through different visualization options with the Quick Analysis tool. – Learn how to use tables to keep charts up to date using this Excel feature. – Learn how to use the Transpose feature to rearrange your data instantly. – Learn how to convert a cell reference to an absolute reference with the F4 key. – Learn a keyboard shortcut that lets you add a row anywhere in your spreadsheet. – Learn how to use an entire column as a cell range in Excel. – Learn how to use named ranges to make your formulas easier to write and read. – Learn a trick for quickly finding inconsistent data in a large spreadsheet. – Use VLOOKUP to find specific information in your worksheet. – Use SUMPRODUCT to calculate weighted averages. – Use the PROPER function to capitalize names in your spreadsheet. – Use the COUNTA function for counting cells and for determining how many cells have data in them. – Use the CONCATENATE function to combine two or more things in one cell. – Use these tips for printing Excel spreadsheets. – Learn how to work with fractions in Excel. – Learn how to add line breaks in Excel. – Use these free resources for learning Office for Mac. – Use regional settings in Excel to use the program in any language.

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