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Easy explanation of Excel’s INDIRECT Function – How to use it and when to use it. Also what to watch out for when you’re using it. INDIRECT can be very useful in Excel Dashboards when you need a dynamic cell reference instead of hard-coding the reference in a formula. For example, let’s say you have a drop down where the user can select for which year the revenue should be shown. Depending on the selection the formula with a SUMIF or SUMIFS function should sum up different ranges of data. Instead of writing a long formula with different conditions for each year that could be chosen, you can use INDIRECT. Indirect can be a confusing function. It takes a little bit time to get the hang of it. What Indirect does, is it returns an address. So for example, if you type in =indirect(A1) and inside A1, you have written A10 – then your formula returns what is inside A10. Why would you need this? Watch the full video and download the workbook to practice along. Course Length: 11:40 minutes Source: Leila Gharani

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