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You probably know the quickest way to select a column of data in Excel is with the shortcut CTRL + Shift + ⯆. But what do you do if that column includes blank cells and you’d like to highlight the entire column of data? CTRL + Shift + down arrow key will stop the moment it comes across a blank cell. This is often a very annoying problem especially if it’s a large data set or there are a lot of blank cells. In this video I’m going to show you a trick which EASILY gets this done. A shortcut which is often used is CTRL + End which jumps to the end of the data set. However, that may not always work if there is some additional input in other cells outside of the data set. Here’s the Excel Keyboard Shortcut(s) to Select Column with Blank Cells: A better alternative is to use the Name Box in Excel. Just put in the range you want and use a random, very high “TO” value where you know you will not have any data anymore, e.g. B1:B10000. Press Enter. This will highlight the entire range. Then use the short cut CTRL + SHIFT + ⯅. This will highlight the data set including the blank cells. The same thing can also be done with just the keyboard, no mouse. Press CTRL + G to get to the Name Manager. In the reference field type in the range, e.g. B1:B10000 and press Enter. Then use the short cut CTRL + SHIFT + ⯅. This will highlight the data set including the blank cells. Course Length: 6:02 minutes Source: Leila Gharani

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