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Learning Path Includes: – Quick Excel Trick to Unstack Data from one Column to Multiple Columns – Excel Custom Formatting with Thresholds & Icons: Quick & easy – 3 Ways to Transpose Excel Data (Rotate data from Vertical to Horizontal or Vice Versa) – How to Create a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel (Not the “usual” Funnel) – Reset Dependent Drop-down in Excel (with a tiny bit of VBA) – 3 Methods to Unhide All Sheets in Excel (& how to hide) – VLOOKUP or SUM Not Working? Convert Text to Date? (Excel Text to Columns) – Better Excel Presentations: Increase Font Size of Formula Bar – Convert NUMBERS to WORDS (NO VBA) in Excel – Why you SHOULD be USING Custom Number Formatting in Excel – The QUICKEST & EASIEST Way to Work with TEXT in Excel – Convert Columns to Rows in Excel (NO Transpose, NO Formulas – SIMPLY UNPIVOT in Power Query) – Get ALL External Links with This SIMPLE Excel TRICK (as NEVER seen before!) – Fully Dynamic Emails from Excel with a SINGLE FORMULA! – SURPRISING Advanced Filter TRICK in Excel (You’ve Never Heard Of!) – Excel 3D Formulas Explained (Includes a Bonus Excel Hack!) – Mysterious Excel Formula Syntax to Count Text Cells (as NEVER Seen Before) – Excel Hidden Shortcut to Select Data Column including Blanks – Complete: Excel Hidden SHORTCUTS to Select Data Column including Blanks – Excel FILTER Function TRICK for Non Adjacent Columns – 6 FREE Add-Ins for Excel to Start Using Now Course Length: 2:38:03 hours

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