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Learning Path Includes: – 5 Design Tips for Better Excel Reports & Dashboards – Excel Combo Box without VBA – How to create a drop-down list – (Promo) Visually Effective Excel Dashboards Online Course – Now available! – Excel Dynamic Chart Range based on Cell (drop-down) Value for dashboards – Excel Pivot Chart with Slicers for Months to Show Values by Weekday Names – 4 SMART Ways to use Custom Formatting instead of Conditional Formatting in Excel – Part 1 – Unusual use of Excel’s Custom Number Formatting with Conditions & Symbols (Part 2) – Excel Slicer Trick – Use Symbols instead of Text in Pivot Slicers – Realistic Case: Dependent Drop-Down Lists in Excel with Multiple Words & Spaces in 1st List – Excel Dependent Drop Down List with Tabular Data without Named Ranges – Excel: Dependent Drop Down Lists with OFFSET, CHOOSE, INDEX & INDIRECT – Excel: Extract unique items for dynamic data validation drop down list – Excel: Find Multiple Matches & Dependent Drop Down List (Unsorted Tabular Data Set) – Excel Picture Lookup: 5 easy steps for dynamic images – Excel Custom Formatting with Thresholds & Icons: Quick & easy – Excel Conditional Bar Chart with Drop-down & Icons (This Chick’s Trouble for Excel Hash) – How to Change the Number Format of a Cell Based on a Condition in Excel – Do’s & Don’ts of Excel Spreadsheet Design (with Examples) – How to Create an Excel Interactive Chart with Dynamic Arrays – Use Ideas in Excel to get Immediate answers with ONE Click – 4 Hidden Excel Dashboard Design Tips for Beautiful Reports Course Length: 3:48:04 hours

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