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When you have too much to show in an Excel Chart don’t do it in a single graph. It would create a color collage and take too much energy from your readers to try to understand the message. What you can do is create what looks like multiple charts and show them horizontally. You can also create chart matrices. Just make sure that you are consistent by using a common axis, size, color, font, spacing etc. Each Excel chart should look like the identical twin of the other, except that it will show a different series or variable. In the example in the video, we have four companies and we’d like to compare the actual profit and the budgeted profit for each company, against one another. We can do this best by showing them as a panel chart. Because the companies are right beside one another and they share a common axis it is very easy to compare. Sequencing is also an important parameter to consider when designing panel charts. If you have a specific sequence in the organization that you’d like to keep, you might want to keep that order. However, if that doesn’t apply you can also consider sequencing your charts in ascending or descending order based on the total yearly profit. It really depends on your audience and your message. Course Length: 11:13 Source: Leila Gharani

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