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Learning Path Includes: – How to create a dynamic map chart with drop-down (works with ANY Excel version) – Excel Charts & Graphs: Learn the Basics for a Quick Start – Quick Gantt Chart in Excel (Unusual technique) – Fully Featured Excel Gantt Chart – actual, planned & percentage completed – Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Chart (Plan, Actual & Progress in ONE VIEW) – Excel Charts: Matrix or Excel Panel Charts – Showing many variables at once – Improve readability of Excel Line Charts: Dynamic Legends in Excel – Excel Advanced Charts: Comparison to Budget, Previous Year and Forecast or Outlook – 3 Tips for Impressive Excel Charts – Microsoft Excel: How to Improve your Charts & Tables for Better Communication – Promo – Excel Charts: Visualize your KPI on a map in ANY version of Excel – Excel Charts: Sorted Bar Chart as Alternative to the Pie Chart – Excel Tables: Best Practice to Create Tables for Financial Reporting in Excel – How to Conditionally Format Symbol colors in Excel Tables (without Conditional Formatting) – Excel Tables: Use Smart Conditional Formatting for great table layout – Excel Variance Charts: Actual to Previous Year or Budget Comparisons – Better Excel Variance Charts to show percentage change (Simple & uncommon technique) – Excel Arrow Variance Chart: Dynamic Arrows in Chart to Show Change to Previous Year / Budget – Excel Charts: Total Values for Stacked Charts in Excel – Excel Charts: Stacked Chart Dynamic Series Label Positioning for Improved Readability – Excel Charts: How To Show Percentages in Stacked Charts (in addition to values) – How to add series lines / connectors to stacked column charts in Excel – Skip Dates in Excel Charts (ignore gaps in Excel horizontal chart axis) – Automatically skip blanks in Excel charts with formulas (ignore gaps in Excel chart axis) – Optimized Excel Line Charts: Prevent drop to zero & dynamic Legend positioning – Excel Dynamic Chart with Drop down List (column graph with average line) – Excel Column Chart – Stacked and Clustered combination graph – How to create a Step Chart in Excel (that is fully dynamic & easy to read) – Easiest Step Chart in Excel (this trick will surprise you!) – Dynamic WordArt in Excel with Bar in Bar Chart (Info-chart that shows % completion) – Excel VBA: Adjust Fill Color of WordArt with a Macro – Build Impressive Charts: It’s NOT your usual Bar Chart (Infographics in Excel) – 3 REALLY Useful Chart Tips You May Have Missed – Excel Conditional Bar Chart with Drop-down & Icons (This Chick’s Trouble for Excel Hash) – How to Create a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel (Not the “usual” Funnel) – Highlight Max & Min Values in an Excel Line Chart (Conditional Formatting in Charts) – Charting Survey Results in Excel (Visualize Employee Satisfaction results) – GUESS what’s HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick) – Progress Circle Chart in Excel as NEVER seen before! – 5 Eye-Tracking Discoveries for OPTIMAL Chart Design – Do you use these? – Simple Excel Trick to Conditionally Format Your Bar Charts – How To Create A Histogram in Excel (& change the bin size) Course Length: 7:08:56 hours

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