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Learning objectives: – Learn the basic parts of the Excel 2003 window. – Learn how to create, save, open, and close an Excel workbook. – Learn how to enter, edit, and delete Excel data. – Learn how to move, copy, and delete data in Excel cells. – Learn how to create a simple formula in Excel. – Learn how to create a complex formula in Excel. – Learn how to use functions to find values for a range of cells. – Learn how to name, insert and delete, group and ungroup, and copy and move worksheets. – Learn how to insert and delete Excel rows and columns. – Learn how to adjust column width and row height in Excel. – Learn all about inserting and deleting Excel cells. – Learn how to change horizontal and vertical cell alignment, as well as text control and orientation. – Learn all about the various number formats Excel has available. – Learn how to adjust fonts, fonts colors, and borders in Excel. – Use charts in Excel to illustrate your workbook data graphically. – Learn how to move, resize, and delete charts in Excel. – Learn how to edit charts in Excel. – Learn how to format a chart title, legend, and axis in Excel. – Learn how to set page margins, change page orientation and paper size, and create headers and footers. – Learn how to specify a print area, preview it, and send it to the printer. – Discover how to use the AutoFilter function in Excel to filter your data. – Learn how to use Excel’s sort function to arrange data how you want. – Learn how to use Excel’s comments feature to insert, view, edit, and delete them. – Learn how to add hyperlinks in Excel. – Learn how to group worksheets in Excel. – Learn how to format cell styles, numbers, alignment, fonts, borders, and patterns in a spreadsheet. – Learn how to create new workbooks from templates in Excel.

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