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Add this interactive report to your Excel dashboard if you want to make an impression! It’s INTERACTIVE so the user can decide which TOP N records of a data-set they’d like to see. It will also NOT have a problem with showing MULTIPLE MATCH results either! This way you get to quickly rank the data and categories automatically and be able to show duplicate values with their correct categories. Instead of a complex formula with the LARGE function in a lookup-formula like INDEX & MATCH, VLOOKUP, or XLOOKUP we will use my new favorite Excel function: The FILTER function! Together with the SORT function we will create a simple formula to extract the data automatically. Both functions are available exclusively in Excel for Office 365 with the new Excel Dynamic Arrays features. We will even improve the report and make sure the user cannot input a number that’s exceeding the available options in the data set. This will help avoid the #Spill error. To do that we’ll use a combination of the COUNT formula and the SEQUENCE function. Course Length: 6:43 minutes Source: Leila Gharani

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