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One type of marketing that is quickly gaining traction is content marketing. This involves creating and publishing content- be it blogs or videos- to increase sales. There are a number of reasons why content marketing is effective: first of all, it allows you to provide more information about the product or service you’re selling and persuade your customer to buy it using effective copywriting (or sales writing). You can include links within your article (or in the description section of your YouTube video) that would take customers to the product/services page where they can make the purchase. This course is a third in a series of courses on marketing for beginners and it will teach you the basics of content marketing- from coming up with a strategy to writing great content. This course will mainly focus on written content, such as blogs, and the next course will explore YouTube marketing in depth. Learning objectives: – Learn why content marketing is important for a business – Learn two important elements of an effective content marketing strategy – Learn 10 tips for creating high-quality marketing content – Learn tips for creating an effective tagline for your business

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