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Project management is a multidimensional field that requires you to master a number of different skills- from budgeting to communication- to be successful. This is what makes it a rewarding career path that offers numerous opportunities for challenge and growth. This course is meant to help those who are interested in pursuing a career in project management and would like to learn more about it. It is the fourth in a series of courses on project management for beginners, and it covers topics such as the reasons why project management is a great career choice and the skills that you must develop to become a successful project manager. Learning objectives: – Learn a method for determining whether or not you should go into project management – Understand five reasons why people pursue a career in project management – Learn about four traits that successful project managers have – Learn six benefits of becoming a project manager – Learn seven steps that you can take to start off on the right foot as a project manager – Learn about the 13 skills that can help you become a successful project manager – Learn a technique for setting career goals

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