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Learning objectives: – Learn about the basic pieces that make up HTML and how an HTML document relates to what you see online. – Learn the basic structure of an HTML document and how to create your first webpage on your own computer. – Learn how to create text elements in HTML, such as paragraphs, headings, and text formatting elements. – Learn about ordered and unordered HTML lists and how they help structure your HTML. – Learn about interactive HTML elements such as buttons, text inputs, checkboxes, and drop-down inputs. – Learn about block-level and inline elements, and how the div and span elements embody them. – Learn about the role of metadata in HTML, and the DOCTYPE declaration and head tag in particular. – Learn how to use built-in browser tools to explore the underlying HTML of the websites you visit every day. – Learn where to go next to continue learning web development, whether you want to start with CSS or expand your HTML skills.

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