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Learning objectives: – Learn all about getting started with computers. – Learn how to use your computer’s built-in help function. – Learn how to use your computer’s Undo feature to revert back to the most recent changes you made. – Learn about the many different file extensions that exist, as well as how to determine what they are. – Learn how to upload and download files on your computer. – Learn how to find the safest, most reliable free programs among the thousands available today. – Learn the difference between open source and closed source software in this free tutorial. – Learn what a PDF file is, as well as what you can do to the file itself. – Learn how to set up your Wi-Fi network. – Learn how to run software updates to keep your computer running smoothly. – Learn how to use the desktop customization features available on your computer to customize its appearance. – Learn what to do if your computer gets a virus. – Learn step-by-step instructions to set up a new printer. – Learn how to power cycle a modem and other devices to get them functioning properly. – Learn how to disable applications from running on startup to keep it running smoothly. – Learn how to keep an old computer running smoothly. – Use these tips to speed up your computer if it’s running slower than usual. – Learn how to defragment your hard drive so your computer runs as smoothly as possible. – Learn how to start your computer in safe mode so it’s only using the essential programs needed to run. – Learn how to install software on your Windows computer. – Learn how to install software on your Mac device. – Learn how to uninstall software from your Windows computer. – Learn how to uninstall software from your Mac device.

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