Course Description:

This AWS vs Azure comparison video is perfect for beginners to understand the differences between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and in a very interesting way!

In the cloud wars, there are no winners or losers (yet). It is an unpredictable game of chance and a wild card could turn the boat upside-down in no time. Yet, one thing remains constant, cloud is here to stay! Those who become proficient will be rewarded and those who ignore it will be left behind.

Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS have more in common with superheroes than one might think. Cloud storage companies touch the lives of millions; often making the world a better place.A superficial glance might lead you to believe that AWS has an unprecedented edge over Azure, but a deeper look will prove the decision isn’t that easy. To determine the best cloud service provider, one needs to take multiple factors into consideration, such as cloud storage pricing, data transfer loss rate, and rates of data availability, among others.

Course Length: 2:22

Source: Simplilearn

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