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This AWS EC2 tutorial will help you understand what is EC2, what are the steps to create an EC2 instance, what is SNS, how to use SNS to notify users and you will also see a use-case implementation to notify users about a newsletter using EC2. AWS has plenty of services to offer in many domains. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one among those and is a web-service which makes life easier for developers by providing secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Using SNS, EC2 and S3 you should be able to do everything you want with ease. EC2 makes cloud computing simple for web developers. Now, let’s deep dive into this AWS EC2 tutorial and understand the basics of EC2 and what are its benefits. The below topics are covered in this AWS EC2 Tutorial: 1. What is AWS EC2? 2. Use case – Notifying users about a newsletter using EC2 3. Steps to create an EC2 instance – Choose an AMI – Choosing an instance type – Configuring instance – Adding storage – Adding tags – Configuring security groups – Review 4. Using SNS to notify users 5. Linking EC2 and S3 Course Length: 22:17 Source: Simplilearn

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