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Learning objectives: – Learn what an Access database does and how to decide whether you need one to manage your information. – Learn the parts of an Access database, how to start using Access, and how to navigate the Access window. – Learn what database design elements to consider, as well as how to create an Access database. – Learn how to set up tables and the fields within these tables. – Learn how table relationships bring important information together so you can analyze relevant data and create a strong Access database. – Learn how to work within tables to add new records, as well as how to edit existing records using commands like copy and paste and find and replace. – Learn how to set up a basic form for your Access 2007 database, as well as how to use the form to populate and edit the data in it. – Learn how to use form properties to limit the actions your form users can take, as well as how to hide fields and add command buttons. – Learn how to modify a form layout, including how to add a logo and apply an Auto Format to a form. – Learn how to sort text-based and numerical data using common sorting commands, as well as how to clear sorts. – Learn how to filter records using common filter commands and use the toggle button to switch between filtered and unfiltered results. – Learn how to plan a query using a three-question planning process, use the Query Design command to run a query, and modify and save queries. – Learn how to run a query that includes a Totals function to group and count the records in the results. – Learn how to create reports in Access so others can understand the data you’re presenting.

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