Además de hacer ejercicio y alimentarse adecuadamente, relajarse es un componente fundamental de cualquier estrategia de manejo del estrés. En este curso, veremos una serie de formas de relajarse, desde estiramientos rápidos que puede hacer en el escritorio hasta meditaciones … Read More


Learning objectives: – Learn how to host a Zoom meeting, set up a Zoom account, and much more in this free lesson.

YouTube Marketing: Intermediate

YouTube marketing is a subset of content marketing. However, there’s so much to cover on this topic that we created a separate course on it! YouTube is definitely a platform that you consider using for marketing. You can potentially reach … Read More

YouTube Marketing: Beginner

YouTube marketing is classified under content marketing but there’s so much to explore in this topic that we created a separate course on it. YouTube marketing gives you a great opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and more … Read More

Youtube Marketing Tutorial|Youtube Marketing Tips|Digital Marketing Tutorial|Simplilearn

This YouTube Marketing Tutorial will help you understand what is YouTube marketing and why it is so important for a business. In this video Greg Jarboe also explains steps involved in getting started you YouTbe Marketing journey. This videos explains … Read More

Youtube Marketing Tutorial|Social Media Marketing Tutorial For Beginners|Simplilearn

Video is where the web is going. The move toward video has reached critical mass, a tipping point where the momentum will swing and things will all start to speed up. For online and offline Business owners and internet marketers, … Read More

Youtube Ads|Youtube Advertising|How To Run Youtube Ads 2020|Youtube Ads Tutorial|Simplilearn

This YouTube Ads tutorial explains why YouTube is considered as one of the best places to advertise, what are the different ad formats available for the users, some of the essential metrics you need to know, how you can create … Read More

Your Shop Window, Your Website

In the ‘old’ days, before we started living online, we actually had to go out to shop. Whether for essentials at the grocery store or just to browse the main street, we had to get up and physically look for … Read More


Learning objectives: – Learn more about this popular video-sharing website. – Learn more about watching YouTube videos. – Learn how to sign in and navigate the YouTube interface. – Learn how to use YouTube with a mobile device. – Use … Read More

Your Own Requirements to Stay

As a manager, your attention is usually focused on doing the right things to create a work environment that will cause your employees to engage, perform, and stay. However, the organization needs you to stay too. You are a valuable … Read More

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